Mission Statement

“Chimuku Mechanical’s goal is to provide the highest quality HVAC service. We strive to provide our customers with the very best service and equipment to meet their needs and budget. Stellar customer service, honesty and respect are the core values of Chimuku Mechanical.”

About Chimuku Mechanical and Construction

Chimuku Mechanical, LLC is a licensed and bonded heating, ventilation and air conditioning general contractor. We service residential and commercial HVAC equipment, with a specialization in both updating existing structures and new construction. We provide the following services:

  • Installation of new equipment
  • Maintenance of all heating and ventilation systems
  • Retrofitting equipment
  • General maintenance and construction


We specialize in oil furnaces, water source heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, heat-pumps, gas and electric furnaces, and air conditioning. We also install duct work and venting for kitchen hoods, bathroom exhausts, dryer vents, and fresh air vents.

Chimuku Mechanical, LLC directly addresses the growing service needs involved with residential and commercial renovations and upgrades, new construction, and maintenance. Chimuku Mechanical, LLC is poised to capitalize not only on the continued growth of new construction, renovations, and building additions, but also in the specialized area of energy efficiency renovations and additions. As residential and commercial construction activity rises to pre-2009 recession levels for both federal and local markets, Chimuku Mechanical, LLC stands ready to continue delivering innovative services for a growing market.

What Drives Us


Our competitiveness and unique success factors are directly tied to the values associated with our core standards of service.

    1. Customer Education & Engagement
    2. Quality & Affordable Service
    3. Community Reinvestment
    4. Honesty
    5. Innovation

We offer the best quality, best price, and unmatched integrity to our clientele. When a person decides to hire Chimuku Mechanical, LLC, they become a fully engaged member of our team, building long lasting relationships founded on trust and service.

Our Customers

Our customers are homeowners, small business owners, property management companies, and construction contractors. The vast majority of our customers requesting service on existing units have no or very little knowledge about their systems and a big part of our job is education.

We provide honesty, quality, great warranties, and we are attentive to our customers needs. We are educated by the manufactures of the equipment that we work on, and pass that expertise onto our customers by way of excellent service, customer service, and quality products.